You learn to anchor yoga in your life in a sustainable way. First and foremost is your personal experience: a treasure that will enrich the rest of your life.

The training provides background and context that will deepen your personal practice. Many new techniques open up a powerful way for you to stay stable and anchored in the pressures and challenges of life.

You will get all the basics to successfully offer Kundalini Yoga classes.
We offer training at the methodical level of a vocational training.

If you light a candle to illuminate your own light , you should also use it to light the way for others. __________ BUDDHA

We offer the training with the quality of vocational training.
For this purpose, we combine face-to-face events, impulse lectures (podcasts, videos, articles) with phases of independent learning. You can access a learning platform at any time, so you can deepen theoretical aspects flexibly and at your own pace. With plenty of background materials, you can personalize your learning experience according to your interests.

All training costs can be claimed as further training costs on the tax return.

Level 1 is an internationally recognized training program with a scope of 220 training hours. All our courses are certified by the Kundalini Research Institute and the Yoga Alliance.

The training consists of seven weekends online-live, a summer retreat (live) and the learning platform.
On a voluntary basis, we offer a check-in after each module, as well as final preparation for successful certification. Accompanying coaching is available to you at any time.

Module 1 – Introduction & Orientation

Yoga: From tradition to the present.
The 7 steps to happiness.

Module 2 – Mantra & Personal Practice

The healing potential of sound & mantra
Sadhana: Your personal practice
The Information Age: Opportunities & Challenges

Module 3 – Anatomy

Western Anatomy & Physiology
Yogic Anatomy: Ayurveda, Vayus, Chakras, 10 Spiritual Bodies

Module 4 – Asana & Kriya

Asana, the posture
Kriya, understanding the specific sequence of asanas

Module 5 – Breath & Meditation

Pranayama, the breathing techniques
The Mind: Mind and Thoughts

Module 6 – Humanology

Being human
Life Cycles
Polarities & Relationships

Module 7 – Ethics & Philosophy

Ethics: Living values
Patanjali & the Yogasutras
Role & Responsibility


The 10 bodies
Karam Kriya, the science of applied numerology
Consultations and the date of birth
Yogic life
Death & Dying
Resources & Continuity

Final preparation

Questions & answers for effective lesson design
Teaching challenges & best practices
Certification: requirements, homework

Closing questions

(if certification is desired)
Multiple choice, free text answers, picture matching

Start of the next training:

April 20-21, 2024

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