SunGalaa, its directors, staff and volunteers assume the following:

  • You acknowledge and are aware of all implications and potential risks associated with your participation in workshops, seminars, courses, consultations, trainings, and all other activities (“the Activities”) offered by SunGalaa (“the Academy”), and that neither the Academy nor the Organizer makes any warranty or guarantee regarding your health, safety, or property during your participation in the Activities.
  • You agree that your participation in the Activities is entirely voluntary and that the Academy and the Organizer shall not be legally liable to you or any other person with respect to your participation in the Activities.
  • To the best of your knowledge and belief, there is no physical, psychological, or medical reason that prevents you from attending SunGalaa events and fulfilling their course requirements.
  • You understand that the teachings of Yogi BhajanĀ© and Kundalini Yoga do not constitute or replace medical advice.
  • You are motivated to learn how to lead yourself instead of being led.
  • You accept the invitation to take responsibility for all consequences you experience through your presence and participation in SunGalaa events.
  • And free others from this responsibility.
  • SunGalaa assumes no responsibility if participants are injured at the venue (including but not limited to the yoga room, building, grounds).
  • It is understood that photos of you taken at the events may be used.

In accordance with this, SunGalaa and its directors, staff and volunteers accept full responsibility for any consequences we may experience as a result of offering the events and your inclusion herein.